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pp_graphics's Journal

Private Practice Graphics
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Private Practice is the title of the spin-off of Grey's Anatomy staring Kate Walsh as Addison Montgomery.


This is the graphics community for the show Private Practice. You may post any graphics related to the show here and you may also make requests for graphics in the request thread (or fill them :D ). If you're looking to discuss the show, please visit pp_discussion.

New Member? Check out the FAQ!


  1. Postings: You may post any type of graphic that is related to Private Practice here, this includes: mood themes, icons, layouts, banners, signatures, fanart, etc.

  2. Images: If you have unaltered images (photos) or screen caps, please post them at pp_discussion

  3. Teasers: All teasers MUST be Private Practice related (post grey's anatomy icons to ga_icons.) You may post a maximum of 4 icon teasers and all large images must be behind a cut.

  4. Linking: You may link to multi-fandom icon postings, but all links to other journals must be public entries. Your post will be rejected if you link to a friends-only posting.

  5. Promotions: If you wish to promote another community then you need to make a request HERE and we will make promotions postings with that included.

  6. Requests: If you wish to request a graphic, you may only do so at the GRAPHIC REQUEST POSTING.

  7. Spoiler Policy: Posts containing teasers from the most recent episode aired will not be approved for three days after the episode originally airs (U.S.). Posts containing teasers from unaired episodes will also not be approved. If your post contains these graphics behind a cut (or link) please provide a spoiler warning.

  8. Miscellaneous: All graphics that you post here must be graphics you made. You may not post other people's graphics.

  9. Taking Graphics: When you take a graphic please do the following 1) Do not hotlink the graphics, upload to your own server. 2) Credit the graphic makers for their work. 3) Follow any rules set by the individual graphic / icon maker.


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Please note: while this community is not members only, non-members cannot comment or post to the community.

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